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Cancer Clinical Trials at OhioHealth

Access new cancer treatments close to home

With more than 100 active clinical trials at any given time, we help you find the best — and most advanced — treatment for your specific cancer.

Nearly all modern cancer treatment has developed as a result of clinical trials and research. Each year, thousands of people are helped because they decided to take part in a clinical trial — and millions more benefit from this participation.

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Your medical oncologist can enroll you in clinical trials with treatment provided locally, helping you stay as close to home as possible. For a complete list and to determine eligibility, please check with your medical oncologist.

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More about clinical trials

What is the purpose of clinical trials?

Clinical trials, also known as research studies, are designed to find answers to specific health questions. They often look at new:

  • Drugs or a combination of drugs.
  • Surgical procedures or devices.
  • Uses for existing treatments, such as radiation therapy.
  • Ways to help with the side effects of treatment and improve quality of life.
Who conducts clinical trials?

Clinical trials are carried out by a team of healthcare experts who are dedicated to connecting you with the latest advances in cancer care. Key team members include:

  • Your physician, who oversees your care and treatment throughout the study.
  • Your nurse or research coordinator, who helps manage your care, provides information about the study, assists you in managing any symptoms and collects information about how the treatment affects you.
  • You, the most vital and important part of the team. Your participation and cooperation will enable us to make advances in treatment that can be of great benefit for years to come.
Who is eligible to participate in a clinical trial?

Your eligibility to participate in a clinical trial will be evaluated by your physician. A clinical trial may be an option for you in combination with your current care plan.

What questions should I ask my physician if I am considering a clinical trial?
  • Is there a clinical trial that I may be eligible for?
  • What is the purpose of this clinical trial?
  • Has the treatment been used before?
  • Will I be able to get the treatment after the study is over?
  • What is my financial responsibility? 

OhioHealth CancerCall

Get in touch with a cancer specialist to learn more about our active cancer clinical trials and how you can participate. Contact OhioHealth CancerCall Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM.